Enrolled Agents Licensed to Represent
Taxpayers Before the IRS

TaxPayer Services

Preparing your own income tax returns can be a complicated and confusing process. At Taxworks, we'll analyze your situation and answer your tax questions in a friendly and courteous manner. We can help identify and advise you on problem issues and in this regard use the best analytical tax preparation software on the market to provide you with accurate returns prepared on a timely basis, and at an affordable price.

TaxWorks also specializes in taxpayer representation before the IRS. Whenever a taxpayer has problems with the IRS he or she is confronted with issues that may be perplexing and difficult. In these situations it is essential that the taxpayer be represented by a compenent professional such as an Enrolled Agent. Tony Adley is an Enrolled Agent and as such is a member of a select body of professionals authorized to represent you before the IRS.

  • Unfiled Returns
  • Installment Plans
  • Indvidual Return Form 1040
  • Partnership Form 1065
  • C Corp Form 1120
  • S Corp Form 1120S
  • Fiduciary Form 1041
  • Estate form 706
  • Gift Tax form 709
  • Not For Profit Form 990


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